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Global Investment Views: Fixed Income - February 2018

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February 15, 2018

A Carry Play in 2018

Markets are starting to price in more aggressive monetary policies and gradual rises in inflation expectations: the two-year Treasury note broke the psychological threshold of 2%, (not seen since Lehman crisis).

With the US tax reform now approved, we expect three rate hikes from the Fed in 2018. The Fed should continue with its gradual withdrawal of the monetary stimulus, with the risk of staying behind the curve if economic conditions further accelerate. More news from the ECB (i.e. revising the forward guidance) and BoJ (revising the 10 year bond target) would likely drive further volatility in bond markets. Given this backdrop, flexibility and diversification regarding sources of returns will be key, as will be searching for the most valuable carry opportunities. We see opportunities for active investors in relative value strategies; this is less the case regarding directional risk-on/risk-off angles.

DM government bonds

With no value in core government bonds, we believe investors should retain a short duration stance in both the Eurozone and the US. We also have a negative view in UK and Japanese government bonds where valuations are unattractive. We do see pockets of value in European peripherals. Concerning curve opportunities, the US curve has started to steepen following the repricing of inflation expectations in the US. In Europe, we see some value in the five-year bucket.

DM corporate bonds

Demand for credit remains strong, given a positive economic backdrop. Corporates fundamentals appear to be sound with many companies showing healthy balance sheets.  Companies have refinanced debt, benefitting from record low costs of funding, and this is positive regarding interest coverage ratios. Carry should be the main performance driver in 2018, as there is little room for further spread tightening. Subordinated debt of both financials and non-financial companies is attractive. High yield bonds may also offer opportunities, while convertible bonds could be a source of diversification in fixed income. In the US, corporate credit offers moderate value, in an environment in which fundamentals remain relatively stable. High yield, including bank loans, offers some value with below average spreads partly explained by well-below-average default rates. But selection is increasingly key.

EM Bonds

In EM as well, carry should be the main performance driver in 2018. Key themes for the year will be elections, including for major Latam countries (Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia among the most important ones) and the evolution of the Fed policy. We are more constructive on local currency bonds which show higher expected returns. Opportunities may be found in EM corporates (short duration), amid a continuing recovery in earnings and the low default rates. In sovereign bonds we have recently become more constructive on Brazil and Argentina where the economic momentum is improving and the political risk has normalized (Argentina) or is expected (Brazil) to normalize.
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Date of First Use: February 16, 2018.

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