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    • Closed-End Funds

      Amundi Pioneer offers a dynamic lineup of closed-end funds, featuring a wide range of asset classes.
    • Mutual Funds

      At Amundi Pioneer, strength begins with our consistent, structured investment process based on fundamental research, quantitative analysis and active portfolio management. This three-pillared process is supported by an integrated team approach, and results in the careful balance of risk and reward that we apply to each of our investment portfolios.
    • Insurance-Linked Securities

      Insurance-Linked Securities (ILS) provide a unique opportunity to invest in an alternative asset class that is uncorrelated with financial markets*. This may result in strong diversification benefits and an attractive risk-return profile**.
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* Correlation – The degree to which assets or asset class prices have moved in relation to one another. Correlation ranges from -1 (always moving in opposite directions) through 0 (never move together) to 1 (always move together).


** Diversification does not assure a profit or protect against loss.