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403(b) Plan

Also known as a Tax-Sheltered Account (TSA), a 403(b) plan is available only to employees of public schools, nonprofit hospitals and other specific tax-exempt organizations. This plan lets employees set aside a portion of their salary, before taxes, through payroll deduction.
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Who May Establish Employees of public schools and tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organizations.
Establishment Deadline Before employee contributions begin.
Contribution Deadline Salary deferral contributions generally deposited with each pay period.
Who Contributes Generally employees.
Annual Contribution Limit Generally, for 2018, 100% of pay up to $18,500 ($24,500 if age 50 or older). Special "catch-up" elections may increase the contribution limit.¹
Contribution Requirements Contributions are discretionary each year.
Employee Eligibility Determined by employer's plan.
Vesting Always 100% for employee contributions.
Withdrawals Determined by employer's plan.
Loan Feature No longer offered on Amundi Pioneer 403(b) accounts effective
Nov. 1, 2011
Plan Administration Employer.


1Additional catch-up contributions may be available to participants with 15 years of service with the same employer.

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